Sharing Links/Blog Roll

It is amazing to me when I look at my recent blog stats how many views I have received from Brock Blake’s website over the last week He wrote an article about Mom Entrepreneurs and mentioned me and put links from his blog to mine and it sky rocketed my views on this site. It was so great! Not to mention investors read his site and I have already been contacted by one of them. I returned the favor and wrote a post that directly linked to his blog/post and that furthered the views both ways. I’ve also received views from Janet Meiner’s sites, U Tech Conference (because she has a link of sites who added info about her conference to their sites) and also from her newspapergrl blog, which I appreciate and I’ve in turn referred people to her sites, so its been beneficial both ways. I am thinking of others who have blogs and sites that would make sense for both of us to link up/list on blog roll. I am looking for places/sites that discuss mom entreprenuers/women in business/women entrepreneurs/start ups, etc…if that applies to YOU, please contact me or comment below.

Today’s Magic Wand:

Consider what other businesses, blogs, etc. make sense for YOU to link to. Form relationships in this way. Consider strategic alliances.


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