Check Out Naartjie’s Hip Clothes for Kids

I happen to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Naartjie’s clothing for babies and little kids. I loved it even before I met the Naartjie folk in Utah whom I also love, respect, admire, and appreciate! (Joe Franceschi is on my Board, he’s their COO, Joe Norwood, Director of Marketing is also a mentor of mine in Marketing, and Brent Bishop, one of their investors/Pres. of the Board is a mentor of mine, and Jim McGuire, their Director of Real Estate is also my broker). BTW, Naartjie (pronounced Nar-chee) is South African for Tangerine.

I just went to their site today, and it blew me away! It looks like it comes from the Netherlands or France, if you know brands for children’s wear in Europe. It is very fashion forward, but it is fun and embellished in a kid-friendly way, all of their clothes are knit and comfy is a #1 rule at Naartjie, so is the dye process they use for their fabrics.

If there isn’t a Naartjie near you, you can now buy online at .  I’m excited to get something cute for my kiddos, because even on my bootstrap budget, its affordable!


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