Simple Pleasures I’ve Enjoyed This Week

Fresh Peaches from the Farmer’s Market

Holding my babies

Walking to the park

A clean house for Sunday

Dejunking my garage and passing our treasures on to others to enjoy

Seeing my friends/other Start Up Princesses succeed in business, including:

Julie Hundley in Pitsburgh started her first cooking class series

Janet Meiners is planning her first Internet Marketing conference,

Liz Rosenbaum’s blog launch,

***Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson’s Today’s Mama received first round of funding!! Congrats!! Watch for Rachael’s profile next week!!***

Enjoying My First Board Meeting

Taking a very long and much needed nap today

Being home on a Saturday night, knowing that tomorrow is Sunday and giving myself permission to rest from my labors, focus on my family, and connect with God


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