Start Up Princess Janet Meiner’s Tips for Press Releases!

My friend and Start Up Princess, Janet Meiners (see her profile, on this site under Start Up Princess Profiles), is an incredible blogger. She always teaches me good things about marketing!! This is the kind of thing we are going to talk about at U Tech Conference, on October 18th in Sandy, Utah.

From her most recent blog:

The most important tip is to remember the impact of an image. Send an image with your press release (both high and low res for print and for web). It greatly improves the chances of being noticed and read.

They hinted at some social media press release features coming soon. But I know they don’t get it. They talked about the short shelf life of news (a few days). So they don’t give permanent URLs to their press releases. OUCH. I hope that changes.

Anyone who uses press releases for search engine traffic knows that a permanent URL is VITAL. Search optmized press releases are one of the least expensive ways to buy traffic to your site. Put 1-2 links that are keywords you want to rank higher on in the body of your press release.

I attended a WOMA meeting yesterday (Wasatch Online Marketing Association). For $80 total spend on PRWeb a company traced several sales to that press release. Not just when it was released but sales continue to trickle in now. How many ads for that price will give you measured results? I suggest they keep writing.

I talk a lot about PRWeb. I get no benefit, I simply know they get it. I’m perfectly willing to plug other SEO press release companies. Did you know PRWeb grew like wildfire with no sales or marketing? That’s how good they are.

If you are doing traditional press releases only, Businesswire has a larger distribution with traditional media. They also include bloggers as “freelance journalists” (I like that).

I suggest re-working your regular press releases and submitting to PRWeb or a similiar service. News sells better than ads usually, even online. Who knows, you may get lucky enough to get picked up by google or yahoo news. That’s a position you can’t pay for and ranks higher than natural or paid search results.

Exellent advice, now use it! 🙂


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