Introducing Start Up Princess Tracey Christensen

headshot-21.JPGHere is a woman entrepreneur who saw a need, and decided to do something about it! My dear friend, Tracey Christensen, is the co-founder of Now I Can Center for Intensive Therapy,, located in Orem, Utah. This center is dedicated to improving the lives of children who have physical disabilities with an intensive, four hour a day program where families can come from all over the country to receive therapy customized to their specific needs. Tracey was inspired to start Now I Can because of her daughter, Colby who was born with Cerebal Palsy.  Now I Can now provides the NeuroSuit and other intensive forms of therapy.  Her center is just 2 1/2 months old and is making a difference for many children in the USA who need this specific type of therapy.

Tracey was a TV producer before having children, so being an entrepreneur is a bit of “producing” on a larger scale! Besides being a business owner, she is multi-talented in voice-over work, acting (she even stars in my Sweet & Charming commercial and video pitch), and has been a motivational youth speaker for many years. She’s ambitious, easy going, and a great friend who cares about others despite her busy schedule. Tracey called me almost weekly for a year while I was going through a personal crisis and I will always remember her kindness and cherish her friendship. She’s a great mom, not only has she provided a place for her daughter to receive the on-going therapy she needs, she will bless the lives of many families!I am thrilled to introduce you to Start Up Princess, Tracey Christensen! Please see her profile page for more,


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