Funding Universe’s Brock Blake Wants To Know How Us Mom Entrepreneurs “Do it All”

Today Brock Blake, CEO of Funding Universe wrote about the phenomena of how Mom Entrepreneurs balance life. I was honored that he listed me as a mom entrepreneur along with Rachael Herrscher of Today’s Mama (we will feature her this month!) and Wendy Bird, CEO/Founder of My Princess Pearls (I want to meet her)!

He asked for comments on his blog, and I had to laugh, hardly any mom entrepreneurs will likely comment because they don’t have time! So, I will comment here and there. If you can, go comment on his site!! 🙂
This is how my day has gone so far:

I woke up at 6:30am, did my personal devotional time, got ready, did my morning blog and emails, drove the carpool, made some calls, planned our multi-family yard sale with other neighbors, went on a walk, got my daughters fed, now they are napping, so I have a moment again. I have laundry in the hall, a sticky kitchen and dishes to clean, and more calls to make in the next 2 hours while my daughter naps. I hope the people I have to call are available, otherwise, I will be emailing them. Around 4:30 pm I will make dinner, we will eat at 5:30pm and then we’ll do homework, read, play, and get the kids in bed by 7:30pm. Then I will clean up today’s messes, laundry, etc. and more work until bed between 11pm-12:30am. Crazy, insane, but honestly, there is passion or else we wouldn’t do what we do! Just read all of the Start Up Princess profiles on this site. We are all doing this because there is passion, a cause, a reason!

And, there are no answers on how to “do it all”, it’s rather, “do the best you can”!! Lower your expectations of how your home looks, keep your kids top priority, be patient about the growth of your idea and just breathe through it all!! Marielen Christensen, Start Up Princess, Winner of our Glass Slipper Award with her daughter, Liz Rosenbaum, recently told us at our networking tea party, “enjoy the moment, whatever it is, just enjoy the moment.” I love that.


  1. How do we do it all? We don’t. We can’t. Or else we will go insane! Mom entrepreneurs and starters of non-profits have to be extremely judicious with their time and activities. I’m not the best at this, but here is what I personally do: I choose to NOT have a spic and span home. At the same time, I have taught my three oldest kids to be contributors in the home and each of them has to do 3 meaningful chores a day. It really helps. I choose to not make a fantastic meal every single darn night (it’s okay to have pancakes or pizza toast for dinner here and there). I also have come to the realization that my four kids don’t have to be involved in every single activity, sport, music program, or club. I allow them to participate in the top two things they show the most talent for each year and call it good. This has freed up our calendar tremendously and helped the entire household relax a bit, especially me! Also, no matter how poor we have been through school, through starting up our own businesses and non-profit, etc. my husband and I ALWAYS go on a date each Friday night. This helps us reconnect and regroup, not to mention give me one meal a weak where I actually can sit down and finish my food. But whatever you mom entrepreneurs do out there…keep your family your first priority. Don’t allow your family to get dysfunctional just so that you can fulfill YOUR dreams. The time will come when our kids are all in school, or even grown up and gone, and it will be then when we can focus most of our efforts on our business or non-profit. Timing.

  2. Thanks Deborah for sharing your excellent advice and wisdom with Start Up Princesses everywhere! As always, I can count on you for a passionate response. If you missed Deborah’s profile page, check it out on our site, under Start Up Princess profiles, or visit her non-profit site directly to learn more about what Deborah has accomplished and how orphan children in Bulgaria are being blessed by her efforts!

  3. Just had to respond one more time on this topic of mothers doing it all. Today I had envisioned a rather simple day. My plan was to make zucchini bread, take the kids for a walk while it was baking, hold my own pre-school session with my 4 year old, and carry on with the other household duties of the day before my other two kids got home from school. Well, it’s just not that easy! First, I decided to go out to the chicken coup to get some fresh eggs for the zucchini bread, but my 18 month old really wanted to come, so I had to find her lost shoe and take her with me. But she couldn’t come inside the coup (and I knew she’d try) so I had to buckle her into the infant swing on our swing set and push her a few times before I ran to the coup. Then I had to bring the eggs in, wash my hands and run back out to get the baby out of the swing. Okay, now I can start on my bread, right? No! Now my 4 year old is hungry and surely my baby is too, so let’s do lunch. But before I do lunch, I ought to load the dirty dishes so that the cheese grator that I need for the grating the zucchini will be nice and clean by the time lunch is over. So…load the dishes, THEN do lunch. With dishes and lunch out of the way, it is immediately apparent that my baby is very cranky and tired, so I should probably put her to bed before I start the bread. Oh wait! The generic diaper totally leaked last night so first I need to change her sheets. So, while changing the sheets (and all the blankies that got dirty too) my baby comes towards me with poop on her hands. GREAT! Seems she has stuck her hands down the back of her poopy diaper AGAIN! So, with only two of the four corners of the clean sheet on the mattress, I quickly stop and carefully scoop up my baby and haul her off to change her diaper and sanitize her hands and fingernails. Now back to that sheet. Finally, her bed is made and I get her down for her nap. Now for that zucchini bread, eh! Well, that is when I pause and think, “I’ve got to go kneel down and pray.” So I do, and now I am really off to make that zucchini bread–I think!

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