What I Learned From My First Board Meeting

Yesterday’s meeting went really well. My board members were extremely supportive as usual, completely focused and offered excellent mentoring and counsel. I appreciated that they came prepared and had thought about our business plan, etc.

Some things I learned:

A powerpoint presentation may be helpful next time.

I should have been there 1 hour early (I planned on 30 min, and still only showed up 5 minutes early).

Next time we will need to plan for 2 hours, not 1 1/2 hours.

Food is always a good idea, glad we had cold drinks, and snack foods; everyone was hungry.

We took a few minutes at the beginning to get to know each other, I asked everyone what their favorite movie was and if they had one wish, what would it be…it was fun to hear their answers. I think it was fun to do this because we all had read each others professional bios already, now we want to get to know one another as friends.

Ideas can take a really really long time to execute! I need to be peaceful and patient with the process, we’ve been planning for almost 2 years, we will do some initial testing this Fall, however, full launch date was pushed back to 2007.

We were able to cover everything on the agenda and it went better than I expected …phew!
*I have the best board I could ever hope for, honestly, everyone has such great experience and talent to contribute. This is so key and I am working with my mentor, Kent Thomas of CFO Solutions in SLC to help me work out an attractive compensation package for them so they stay interested and excited in contributing.

Today’s Magic Wand: Take time to get to know your Board Members, write down their birthdays on your calendar and send them a card or email at least! 🙂


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