Some Days Are Like That

I just have to blog tonight before bed…it’s been a great and a bit of a challenging day for us.

The day started at 6:30 am after 4 1/2 hours sleep. I was up finishing the final version of my latest Business Plan so my Board of Advisors would have a few days before our meeting next week to review it and see our new strategy. My generous husband helped me with the formating (again) and was up late as well.

I met this morning with University Mall to negotiate our kiosk lease for the holidays, my broker, Jim McGuire came as well. I had to impress them with our concept so we could get the best location, the best rates, etc. and it worked. He significantly dropped the deposit down for us and is helping us to get the location we feel is best for Sweet & Charming. I learned a bit about retail leases today, if you are smart, you will put clauses like Bath & Body Works that forbids kiosks to be in front of their location. I’ll try to remember that in the future! Having Jim’s 20 years of experience on my side was 100% worth it and I feel that hiring a broker is very important to do for setting up commercial leases. He is the broker/ Director of Properties for Naartjie brand as well.

After the meeting I went to my Grandma’s to get the kids and while we were visiting, my son got bit by a yellow jacket 5 times under his shirt. It was very traumatic and stressful for him. We said a prayer to ask for healing and comfort and I taught him to breathe deeply (blow up a balloon) and it seemed to help as we were putting the baking soda paste on his wounds. Then I told him that we could go to lunch, his pick as a reward for his bravery and while we were at Carl’s, he was crawling in a tunnel and the kid in front of him kicked is foot into my son’s nose and again, another traumatic event persued with a bloody nose. So much for trying to make him feel better. Tonight when I put him to bed I asked him if he had any advice for other kids who have hard days and he said to “pray.” Smart kid.
On the way home tonight my husband went to get us a date night treat at the grocery store and got a flat tire in the process…so sad!

My house is finally looking a bit better after recovering from our recent trip and the tea party yesterday. Our date tonight consisted of doing dishes, watching 20 minutes of Failure to Launch (the end), and eating our Ben & Jerry’s from my husband’s trip to the store/flat tire sacrifice. Not the most romantic, but it was sweet that my husband would help out with dishes after the crazy day we both had.

Today’s Magic Wand: Make the best of it…whatever it is. Prayer works and ice cream always helps. My picks: Chubby Hubby and Neopolitan Dynamite


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