Kid Hair Salons: Who will have the most staying power?

Since my business is for kids, I look at kids businesses all the time… if your business also involves children (product development, retail, education, etc.) check these out:

Simon Says Salons,; this one is in Chicago at the famous Marshall Fields, they have a good website. I like how they offer free hair cuts for people to fill out surveys, leave comments, etc. They want to be the leader in the business and will be catering to an upscale clientele.

Sweet & Sassy,; this one is new to me. I just learned of it and it looks great. I like it because at one time I was going to make my business a salon/princess day spa. They’ve done a nice job and looks to be doing it well. They are new, but I bet they will be a strong leader in this industry. Their website tells a lot of details, perhaps too much detail. It’s a cut-throat world and I think they should protect their ideas more carefully. This is a franchise; there are just a handful of them right now. Birthday parties are a big thing for them; lots of space too, their stores are 3000 sq ft. That’s an expensive lease! I would like to know what they require for their franchise fees. Also, who funded the first one??
Pigtails & Crewcuts,; this is a less girly, more generic fun kids themed salon/franchise. They also do parties. Nice site, lots of locations.

Lollilocks,; another girl focused kids salon, pricey services, but cute concept. They do princessy ideas, but they are more generic. They don’t have as strong branding, however, I’ve been in one of these locations in Colorado and it seemed fun and the kids were enjoying it. It was a really small store, however, too tight. They require that the franchise be owner-operated so they are looking for a salon stylist/ owner to run it. Lolliloot card is an interesting concept, you gain points for services you pay for and then earn more services. They could improve their store build out.

My pick for future Kid Hair Salon Franchise Princess: Sweet & Sassy; sounds like a winner! I’d just advise them to tone down their exuberant sharing of information.


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