Our First Cup of Tea: Networking Begins in PERSON

Today was our first official Networking Tea Party. It was a wonderful success, if I do say so myself. We had babysitters to tend the eight children who came with moms, and we had excellent brainstorming and idea sharing, plus our lunch was served on my seldom used great-grandmother’s china. We used our “tea cups” for yogurt parfaits with granola, fresh blueberries, and raspberries.
Start Up Princesses in attendance:

Nancy Cadjan, http://www.signbabies.com

Natalie Goddard, http://www.familylifeeducation.org

Marianne Rencher, Attorney

Liz Rosenbaum, http://www.scrapbooks.com

Marielen Christensen, Liz’s mom, http://www.scrapbooks.com/Founder of Keeping Memories Alive

Melissa Chappel, http://www.rawmelissa.com

Mary Chambers, emotional release therapist, “The Gentle Path to Healing”

and myself, Kelly King Anderson, Start Up Princess/ Sweet & Charming

We honored Marielen (she invented scrapbooking as we know it today) and Liz (current co-owner of the business) because they are celebrating 25 years in business this month, so they were awarded “The Glass Slipper” award. Liz’s husband even got in the act and came as “Prince Charming” and delivered one of the “glass slippers” and flowers!

We are anxious to have another event soon…if you are interested, please let us know. We are looking for people to start Networking Tea Parties in their areas. No need to have it on china, next time I think we’re heading for a shady park! The point is to get together, talk, share resources, and inspire one another, and have it be ok to bring children.


  1. What a fun day you provided for all of us Kelly! Thanks so much for having the energy and the dedication to help other women in business! You’re awesome!

  2. Hope you enjoy wearing your “glass slippers” (pink flip flops that have crystal letters that spell “dream” with a crown)!


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