Leaving Las Vegas ASD Trade Show

I write this sitting in the closet area of our hotel in Vegas while my husband and baby sleep. We’re leaving soon to go home and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past five days of our little adventure to the ASD Wholesale Trade Show. Overall the trip was excellent, I met some wonderful people and found exciting products for Sweet & Charming. There were a few child-related bumps in the road, but we dealt with it and everything has been nice for my husband and I to spend some time together.

The bumps in the road:

ASD Trade Show no longer allows infants or any other children under age 16 to come to the show. Previously you could bring a baby if you carried the baby in a carrier (baby bjorn type). This year they were very firm on their rule to not allow any children, regardless of age into the show because of their insurance coverage (only for adults). Apparently last year a child grabbed a knife and as a result, there was a law suit of some sort. So, needless to say, we were surprised and we had to take turns with the baby outside of the show. It worked out because we were able to rest and make calls, etc. that needed to be done, Bella and I also made quite a few new friends at Starbucks drinking herbal tea.

Very difficult to find a place to nurse and change the baby. Most of the time I had to just stand up in a bathroom stall or change her in her stroller. Kudos to Venetian food court and Hilton Convention center for having family bathrooms, but neither one had a chair! Mirage had a baby changing center in the handicapped stall, but if I didn’t open it, I wouldn’t have known. They should have put a sign on the outside of the stall (baby changing center inside) sort of thing.

Also, the day we left for our trip, our cousin/babysitter (that was set up for three months) called and said that she thought her baby had chicken pox. Yikes! So, we had to quickly make other arrangements for our children who were staying home. Bless the friends and family who helped out!

The highlights of the trip:

Meeting Josh Kelly, 17 year old High School Senior (although he is home schooling this year so he can go to all the trade shows and to China again this year). I met Josh at Starbucks while he was waiting for his mom to pick him up after the show. I thought that he was there to help with his mom’s booth because he was 17 and allowed to be in the show. However, it was the other way around, his mom was helping HIM! She was running his booth at the Sands Hotel while he did the one at the Hilton. He invested $10,000 in booth rental fees for the shows to have 2 booths for his two year old company, Light Up Toys. http://www.lightuptoys.com. Josh’s parents have been importing for 15 years and he started helping them sell toys at fairs when he was 10 years old and he saved $50k and then his parents added $30k and he started his business two years ago, officially. He has a 4.3 GPA, already negotiating the big deals, and is handsome to boot, so watch out for Josh Kelly! I asked him if he wanted to invest in my company and he laughed at me. I was serious!

Meeting the amazing, talented designer of Alex Carol Jewelry, Jennifer. She’s agreed to a interview later, so watch for that.

New Products:
Anything Swavorski Crystal is still HOT. Hair gems galore. Bling. I loved it all. Fun things for little girls, I will be featuring a lot of this sort of thing…so princessy!

Found the new jewelry line, “What’s in Your Heart?” created by the same talented mom entrepreneurs who invented the Italian Charms (or so they say). They worked on this concept for the past 2 years and it is just amazing! I never really got into the Italian charms, but these I could really get into. Wait. I am into it already. I have one on right now. Mine is “What’s in Your Soul?” a round sterling silver and glass pendant that has a lid that can screw on/off, you put your pick of charms or stones, whatever. There are already some knock offs, so beware and the quality is much lower. My pick, a pink crown charm with a purple crystal heart, since I’m a Start Up Princess. ☺ I will be selling these for Sweet & Charming. They are for girls as well as adults. So cool! I’m sure they will be very popular on my mall kiosk. If you want one, I can order anything you want. I’m all set up as a distributor now. Yippee.

Most Impressive:
The Tao Restaurant at the Venetian is really a MUST SEE– they feature 6 rose petal filled fountains at the entrance and Vosages Haut Chocolate store at The Forum Shopppes (I’ll write more on this later, I am very interested in the Start Up Princess who created it). The architecture and design in general is amazing, everything may or may not be my style or taste but you have to hand it to the designers who push the limits with texture and materials to impress. The floral arrangements at The Mirage were so unique and inspiring; red roses shooting out of a red-painted wooden vase.

Time to drive home…six hours. Ugh!

Today’s Magic Wand: Plan to attend a trade show or conference for your industry!


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