Great Tips for Mall Kiosk Success!

Tonight I met Heather Christensen who is a distributor of The Mod Bod modest t-shirts/tanks. She has a kiosk at Provo Town Center 801-494-6224. Heather was so wonderful to give me some tips for having a successful kiosk. Heather’s tips are awesome! Thanks so much!!
* Buy Credit Card Machine, $400; don’t rent!

* Purchase back up bags (in case you run out) for kiosk at XPEDX only $25 for 1000

* You need an internet site/ecommerce site because people want to know how to find your products again when they are from out of town

* Decorate for the holidays

* Offer Free Shipping

* 24 hour guarantee for products that are out of stock

* Make schedules 1 month out so people can make changes as they need

* Find good staff; They are required to work 1 Sunday a month and Friday/Saturday nights on occassion

* If they are late/miss their shift; the fine for closing kiosk is $50/hr. OUCH. Make it known to employees that it will come out of their shift.

* Plan to be there a lot during the holidays!


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