“But One Thing Is Needful”

I’ve been anxious and “troubled about many things” with my start up and the verse “but one thing is needful” came to my mind this morning, so I studied it for my morning inspiration. This is scripture, from Luke 10:41-42, King James Bible. In these verses Jesus is talking to Martha, a dear friend who has been busy preparing a meal for her guest and sister. Martha was “cumbered about with much serving”. She was too busy and stressed about her tasks and felt unsupported, and perhaps jealous that her sister was with her friend while she was in the kitchen over a hot fire. (Sound familiar?) She then asked Jesus to make her sister come help her because she was “serving alone.”

41 And Jesus answered, and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things:

42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

Now insert my name (or yours, if you’re willing).

Kelly, Kelly, thou art careful and troubled about many things…But one thing is needful.

Ouch. It’s true! I am over-scheduled, stressed, and overly consumed with my to do list. The verse is also a gentle reminder that I don’t have “to do it all” or “be everything.” I have permission to stop trying.

It is very overwhelming at times to start a new business, to head up a new project, to feel like there is a never ending “to do list”, people to email, calls to return, family to feed…diapers to change! However, when I take a deep breath, slow down, and ask what is the “one needful thing” I am more at peace because I remember that I am only capable of accomplishing a few things, so I need to focus my attention on what is most important.

Today’s Magic Wand:

Consider what is the one needful thing on your “to do list”. Maybe it is that heaping pile of laundry you haven’t folded and put away, or maybe it’s returning a pressing phone call. Whatever it is, ask to know where your focus should be today and you’ll be at peace.

P.S. Gotta go, my toddler just got into my make up! I guess that is the “one needful thing” of the moment!


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