Introducing Start Up Princess Erika Wilde

erika-wilde.JPGI had the privilege of meeting Erika Wilde recently through Start Up Princess Nancy Cadjan, Erika “fairy godmothered” Nancy as she launched her website and started her business three years ago. Nancy spoke highly of this ambitious, successful mom entrepreneur and I was happy to meet her.

Erika Wilde has a very different and unique home-based business, and you could certainly say, she has found her “niche.” Erika owns and; both are high traffic industrial and residential floor mat sites. Erika has mastered internet sales and marketing and enjoys having a successful company that she can manage while chasing after her busy twin toddlers and elementary school student.

Erika never imagined in a million years that she would own a floor mat company, but it just kind of made sense, once she saw that it was an under-served market on the internet and she could use drop shippers to deliver product and service her customers. One thing that was interesting while we talked is how Erika mentioned that she generally gets only serious buyers on her sites, because people don’t “browse” for floor mats, they find her sites because they are ready and interested in purchasing her products. She offers all sizes and colors, as well as customizable floor mats (just add your logo!) for small and corporate businesses.

Erika also keeps busy as a mentor to Brigham Young University students in Provo, Utah. She helps assist other student entrepreneurs in finding a potentially successful niche internet industry to buy/sell with drop shippers. This is an ideal business for stay at home moms who want a lucrative income.

I was also impressed to learn that Erika is a professional writer and a triathlon athlete, she is currently training for another competition just two weeks away. She’s full of personality and wit too! Check out her Start Up Princess profile page to learn more about Erika Wilde.


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