Martha Stewart Steps Down From Her Own Board of Directors

USA Today Small Biz blog featured a very interesting blog today about Martha Stewart written by Jim Hopkins. Martha Stewart has decided to step down from her board; I cannot even imagine this very humbling, difficult decision. Regardless of your feelings about her, you have to feel sorry. She was a Start Up Princess just like us, she had an idea, formed a board, built it up to the empire it is today and now has restrictions on how she runs her company and is involved in major decisions. She will still be involved in the creative side of the company, but will not serve on the board.

A side note: Last summer I was interviewed by Martha’s ghost writer for her book about being an entrepreneur, called The Martha Rules. My friend, Dr. Brent Ridge knows Martha and recommended me to be interviewed. It was quite an honor, however, because I wouldn’t divulge much of my business model in the pre-launch phase, fearing that the world would run with my ideas, I was rather vague in the interview and I wasn’t featured. However, the book was a good read and I liked reading about the other entrepreneurs in the book who have already launched. Nevertheless, I guess it’s a strange “claim to fame.” I wish that the interview was actually with Martha herself. Maybe one day I can invite her to a networking tea party. I bet she would make really cute cookies for the event.


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