Introducing Start Up Princess Janet Meiners

Janet Meiners is a “get it done girl”, that is precisely why she is the perfect Start Up Princess to produce Internet Marketing conferences. The first one will be October 18th in Sandy, Utah. Go to for full details. Paul Allen is the key note speaker, it also features 10x marketing, PR Web as featured guest speakers.
In Janet’s own words:

The U Tech Conference is for small to medium sized businesses to learn more about how to market their web sites. Web sites do not market themselves. However, the investment is often very worth it. Internet marketing is ideal because it’s low cost compared to print or other types of marketing. It’s easy to track results, gauge ROI, and you can test everything. You will learn different ways to leverage your web site. We’ll cover different techniques from paid search engine advertising to business blogging and using press releases to increase sales on your web site.

Janet is a very talented writer and marketing strategist, with an emphasis in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Janet is an Internet Marketing Associate at Cymphonix in Sandy, Utah. She has a blog of her own <> about affiliate marketing and also her own consulting company, Affliliate Flash (the idea behind affiliate marketing is get a “volunteer” sales force to promote your services/goods and then they get a commission. Apple, Amazon, and Ancestry, and many other forward thinking companies are now doing this). Janet recently returned from a national affiliate marketing conference and is connected with other industry leaders in this field. She recently wrote an article that was published in Connect magazine called, “Hire One Employee, Get Hundreds”

On the Personal Side: I’ve known Janet Meiners for the past five years. She’s a great friend and a dedicated single mom. We have bonded over the years discussing marketing, culture and art, parenting, and natural health and delicious recipes (she taught me to grill veggies on a George Foreman grill for fajitas!) She is very passionate about making a difference in the world and helping those around her succeed. She will be a great asset to the Start Up Princess community in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Read more about Janet on our Start Up Princess profiles, for a complete profile to see her fun personality and take on being a very successful young entrepreneur!


  1. newspapergrl

    Thanks for your post Kelly! It’s funny that I met Kelly when she & Matt made an offer on my house. Instant friends. My son & hers are pals. Little did we both know we would both become entrepreneurs.

    It’s so great that you’re blogging — it’s the only way to keep track of all your goings on! I’m cheering you on every step. You’ve got to post the Startup Princess funding video. It rocks.


  2. I have to add that Janet is the one who first told me to do a blog, 2 years ago. I didn’t really think I had anything interesting to say…so its great that I can write about my cool friend entrepreneurs! Can’t wait for you all to attend Janet’s conference and meet her in person, she is so articulate and full of energy. You’ll love her.

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    […] Kelly’s energy knows no bounds. She recently launched Startup Princess – a women entrepreneur networking organization. Today she featured me, newspapergrl [blush]. […]

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