Introducing Start Up Princess Nancy Cadjan

cadjanson.jpg Nancy Cadjan is a successful entrepreneur to watch! Nancy is the Founder of Sign Babies,, a company that focuses on developing product to support parents and educators in teaching young children sign language.

Nancy has a Master’s Degree in English and Rhetoric with an emphasis in Business Writing. She is also certified as an Infant American Sign Language instructor and has taught signing courses for many years. As Nancy began her young family she had the idea to start Sign Babies and develop product and curriculum to encourage communication between parents, care providers, and teachers at a young age.

Nancy began Sign Babies, three years ago and now has her flash card sets in over 100 stores, high end child catalogs, online stores, and has received a lot of press (Utah Valley Magazine, Wasatch Woman, Preemie Magazine, and Good Things Utah TV show, Preemie Good Stuff 2006 Award) for her innovative design, branding, and the success of selling over 40,000 sets in just two years. Her company was recently named among the 100 top Utah County businesses.

The company is releasing 2 new sets coming out in the Fall under a new label “Learning Hands” which takes sign language learning to the next level, intended for older children.

Nancy now has a new baby to teach baby signs. Her newborn is adding a whole new level to Nancy’s time management with developing product and fulfilling orders and keeping her kindergartener entertained with his “desk” next to hers.

On the personal side: I met Nancy three years ago at Kindermusik class for our kids. (See, you really DO meet amazing people wherever you go!) Nancy and I have had the opportunity to brainstorm about marketing, share ideas and referrals. She’s been a bit of a “fairy godmother” to me as she’s given me a lot of excellent advice for starting my business. In fact, Nancy was one of the first people I told about my idea and she never told me that my dream was too big or “how are you going to do that with kids?” She just gave me support. I have a great deal of respect for Nancy and how she manages to find success wherever she goes.

Please read Nancy’s complete profile page listed to the right on this site under Start Up Princess profiles, called “” to learn more about this amazing young entrepreneur!


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