Developing a Cheering Team

Entrepreneurs need a cheering team! You probably have one already. This may be friends and family or other entrepreneurs and professionals that you know. These are people that get excited about what you are trying to do and enjoy talking and mentoring you about how to achieve your dreams. This is a group that you can brainstorm with, get honest, helpful feedback, and be encouraged by. These are people who may also consider an investment “friends and family” first round funding. You want to get to know these people better and get them involved (maybe you can ask them questions about product ideas, colors for your logo, etc.) As you listen to their ideas and suggestions, really listen, take notes on what they want to see and what they like and give thanks . Some of my best direction has come from this group of family and friends. Because my company involves children, I make sure I run ideas past other mothers and grandmothers because they represent my target audience as well.

Be sure to only share your ideas with people you trust! But remember that if you share an idea with an audience you don’t know (such as in a business plan competition, ideas are only as good as they are executed).

Today’s Magic Wand:

Make a list of people who are on your “cheering team”; ask them if they would be willing to brainstorm with you on occassion about your business and make an email “group” for this purpose. After all, they’ll likely be your first customers!


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