Always Be Prepared for the Worst: The Mom Entrepreneur’s Motto

Ok, so I kinda stole it from the Boy Scouts. But, it works for us too. Read on if you want to hear why “always be prepared for the worst” is now one of my mottos.

Today I was to meet my CEDO mentor, Kyle Love (bless him!) for help with my business plan revisions. I was all set, I was even going to be early, so I decided I had time to feed by baby first, then just before she finished, she pooped all over my pants! It was such a mess. So, I had to spend time cleaning both of us up. It was terrible. Then I thought my son was out front playing with a friend, but I couldn’t find him to take him to the sitter’s. So I had to drive around the block and checked with a couple of friends and then I thought, “I didn’t check the basement!” There he was…watching Sesame Street. Phew!

Meanwhile, there was traffic and I didn’t have Kyle’s number on my cell and I couldn’t pull over, so I just hoped he’d wait…missed his call because I couldn’t figure out how to answer his call while I was talking to someone else and as a result we just missed each other when I pulled up 2 minutes later…so sad! So, I quickly called him and he generously made more time for me and I met him at his office. Phew! Thanks Kyle!

It all worked out in the end. I brought my baby to the appointment and she was an angel and we got to discuss what I needed and I made a new friend, a mentor, an accomplished entrepreneur (founder of Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum) and I think he was sympathetic to my plight of trying to be a mom entrepreneur…I only hope I can be more professional in the future and be on time!!


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