Introducing Start Up Princess Natalie Goddard


Natalie Goddard is the co-founder of the successful non-profit organization, Family Life Education Institute,, founded in 1997. Their mission is to support families and family life educators in their quest to strengthen marriages and families.

Here is an impressive quote:

“Family Life Education Institute fills an important niche and a critical need within the Family Life Education profession. Many who are knowledgeable about strong families want to reach out, but lack the resources needed to offer assistance. Family Life Education is a boom industry in this country, and these dedicated folks are on the ground floor.”
–Dr. Alan J. Hawkins, Director, Family Studies Center, Brigham Young University

Family Life Education Institute writes articles and books for family life educators and organizes national conferences for BYU. They also sponsor, a searchable database for families and couples. They make book recommendations and have links to other related sites. One of Natalie’s favorite books on parenting is the classic, Between Parent and Child by Haim Ginott, edited and revised in 2003 by Alice Ginott and H. Wallace Goddard, Natalie’s father-in-law who is a major leader in this field.

Besides running the day-to-day business of Family Life Education Institute, Natalie is also a mother, wellness and family educator, iridologist, architect and general contractor on her family’s new home. She is also very involved with her husband’s design and marketing business, Goddard Hewett,

On the personal side, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Natalie for the past 9 years. She is one of my “Fairy Godmothers.” Hardly a week goes by that we don’t “check in” because we share life. We exchange parenting tips, make double and swap meals on Tuesday nights, share business and marketing strategies, and we share an interest in natural health. She taught me how to build a useable rotating food storage, inspires me to eat more raw foods, she helps me take care of my kids when they are sick, and most importantly she teaches me how to draw closer to God. She is incredibly patient, sensitive, intuitive, and has a “what’s mine is yours” mentality and literally gives people the shoes off her feet! (I somehow lost my shoes at her house on Saturday night and I had to borrow some flip-flops to drive home!) I admire her for all that she has achieved in life, which she is quick to say “is all because of God’s blessings.” Please view her page on this site for more about my dear friend, Start Up Princess, Natalie Goddard.


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