What Color Are Your Eyes?

Today my son was looking at our family’s eyes. “Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, and mommy has….RED.” In case you were wondering, that is NOT the right answer. I had to laugh right out loud (and this little game was during church)! So, how do I get my eyes back to the intended shade of Hazel? The correct answer would be…SLEEP. So, I’ve decided that if I’m going to continue my “early to rise” work schedule, I need to do the other half, “early to bed.” Impossible? Not sure yet, but I’ve got to try.

When you are getting babies and toddlers back into a proper sleep routine after they break it for a vacation, holiday, etc. and won’t resume their regular bedtime, then they recommend putting them to bed 15 minutes earlier each night is the trick. So I am going to assign my husband to “put me to bed” at 11 pm tonight (or earlier if I can), and then by Wednesday I should be at a more appropriate bedtime, 10:15pm (which means at 9:30pm I have to start the process, it always takes so long to actually go to bed…trash out, dishwasher started, face washed…). Wish me luck.

By the way, what color are your eyes? Ask a kid near you, they’ll be honest.


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