Networking: it’s just making a new friend

I am not sure why but I seem to boogle some of my friends’ minds by my networking skills. I never really ever think to myself, “I’m going to go network now,” rather, I think to myself, “there’s another entrepreneur that I think is really interesting, I’m going to introduce myself.” I am comfortable with myself and who I am so I’m not scared of meeting new people. Maybe just a bit nervous, but it’s kind of a thrill to meet new people. I love to “interview” them about their success. It is true that people (especially successful entrepreneurs) love to talk about themselves. And I just listen and ask questions, etc. I try to exchange info (business cards, scraps of paper if we’re unprepared,) and then I contact them within a few days if I still want to meet with them and learn more from them. Generally entrepreneurs love to help other entrepreneurs because we’re all in the same boat; if we can share info that doesn’t reveal trade secrets, both people usually benefit.


  1. I think your blog is great. I have been trying to find women entrepreneur sites and I am so glad I found you. I left my corporate job last winter and launched our website,, around 3 months ago. We have found it really helps talking to others who are also launching and sharing ideas.

  2. Hi Start Up Princess Abby!

    Welcome to our network of women entrepreneurs, many of us are just like you…moms! I just visited your website and was impressed with what you’ve done. Great job in trademarking your name already, a big priority for start ups. I’m working on that as well.

    Let us know what topics interest you and we’ll try to write blogs and share resources. We loved hearing from you, thanks! We’re celebrating over 900 views on our site since launching on July 13, We’d love more women entrepeneurs to comment on the site! We all need all the ideas we can get! Best wishes to you on fulfilling your dreams!

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