A Little Start Up Princess Pampering

It’s Saturday and time to rejuvenate. It’s been a long, crazy week. I’m sure it’s been for you too…I’m doing final revisions on my Business Plan for the 11th time, meeting with various mentors, trying to keep my kids safely entertained (limiting jumping off the couch and wrestling to a minimum), making a “shark” costume for the neighborhood parade and manage my other priorities. What have I done for myself lately?

I use plain yogurt. Not in my smoothies, but on my face. Yep it’s a mask. Spread a thick layer of plain (higher the fat content the better) on your face and wait 10 minutes, but don’t let it dry, keep it moist. Then jump in the shower and wash it off.

Why yogurt? It naturally has healthy acidopholis and restores the pH balance in the skin. Cindy Crawford does it too, ok? It works and your skin will be soft and “glow.” I’ve been using this mask for 10 years, a trick they don’t tell you at Nordstrom. Start Up Princess, Rosa Weber, a fabulous Esthetician I’ve known since I was 18 told me to do a yogurt mask once, if not twice a day. She looks 35 and she’s 50, one of her top secrets.

Today’s magic wand:

Buy some plain yogurt and try it out. Pamper yourself, even bootstrapping Start Up Princesses can afford to feel wonderful.

* This is great on sunburns too!


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