Introducing Start Up Princess Melissa Chappell AKA “Raw Melissa”

Melissa Chappell is anmainpic.jpg inspiration to the field of natural health, who is making a difference every day. She’s concerned about women’s issues globally, managing to stay at home with her children, and provide an income for her family with her two businesses as a Natural Child Birth assistant (doula) and also as Raw Food personal chef and educator.

Melissa has a great deal of compassion and enthusiasm for life. She is an entrepeneur with a heart! She offers many helpful insights in her profile page, so please take time to visit her page and learn more about this amazing young entrepreneur!

I look forward to getting to know Melissa better through her Raw Food cooking classes and at our networking tea parties!


  1. Daniel Hartman

    Hello Melissa,
    I missed your class (in July or August?) at Wild Oats and just discovered your web site. I live in Salt Lake, am more or less an adult-life long vegetarian and at the very least a philosophical Vegan (the latter which I feel strongly about and do ascribe to practice always while taking care not to be overly hardcore or obnoxious about when doing so). I was very intriqued by the suggestion in the intro class write-up that you, in part anyway, teach others how to prepare interesting, tasty, gourmet-type raw foods(?!). When you have time, would you please let me know when you might be doing another class in this area. Thanks. Danny Hartman 801-891-1609

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