Say Goodbye to an American Classic Brand, April Cornell as we knew it

I am so disappointed. April Cornell, a very successful upscale fashion designer that produced women and children’s clothing and home decor merchandise for the past 30 years has gone out of business–bankrupt. I called my rep for the brand today and she told me the disheartening news.

My rep was with April Cornell for several years and now reps for another notable company in Arizona, a wonderful opportunity for her, yet she is still sad about the loss of her former business. She said that the company has closed all of its American stores and did not fulfill orders for Spring 2006. She attributed part of the downfall to not staying current on the trends as well as poor decision making. This was particularly disappointing for her because as an independent rep she travels doing trunk shows and was not able to be paid on orders she placed for her large clientele. I am sure many reps lost money because orders were not fulfilled. It just shows you that you are never “safe” in business…they say the first five years are hard, I bet April Cornell would say the last five years were worse.

What’s next for April Cornell? She is being reinvented and is licensing her designs to other companies and is now featuring her new products on QVC. Visit, the new line is called “Naturally April.” You can also read her blog.


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