How do We Teach Them to Dream?

If you’re on this site, it’s likely because you’re a dreamer. Entrepreneurs are the best dreamers, but we don’t just stop at the dream… we have a mission to accomplish, a purpose for living, a goal to achieve, a passion! But what about all the young girls and women on this earth that don’t have a dream or have confidence to pursue their dreams? It’s hard enough when you have passion to fulfill your dreams. I wish I could help a young girl I know who is 15, pregnant and has no hope, no dreams. I wish I could help my Bulgarian orphan friends to dream big and know that with God nothing is impossible.

I hope I can learn more from my friend and life-long example, Joni Eareckson Tada. Through the miracles of the internet I reconnected tonight with Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada, Ken was my student government advisor in high school when I was student body president at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California. They both have been so kind and supportive of me in my life.

If you don’t know Joni, you need to hear her story, see her artwork and read her books! She is an inspiration to all for how she has handled her incredibly challenging life’s circumstances with grace. I would like to interview her soon to share more details of this amazing woman. Joni and Friends teach people all over the world to have faith in their dreams and to overcome difficult circumstances, particularly disabilities. One way they do this is by example, another is because Joni and Friends reaches out to those in need, making a powerful impact with their ministry globally. Just last week Joni was at The White House, as a personal friend of The President of the United States. Joni has been instrumental in advocating rights for disabled persons for many years. Larry King, and Patricia Heaton are among Joni’s voices of support for her organization. Thank you Joni and Ken for your love and dedication to your work. You are teaching others to dream!

Today’s Magic Wand:

What can you do to share more light?


  1. Rainey Floreen

    I was surfing the web tonight, found your web site, but noticed you had the web site wrong for Joni and Friends. It’s ORG not com. Thought if you’re talking about Joni and Ken you might want to point people the right way.

    🙂 Rainey

  2. thanks, I fixed it! 🙂

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