Celebrating Utah Women in Business Pioneers

There are a lot of great women entrepreneurs in Utah. A few founders I wanted to feature and recognize in honor of Pioneer day are:

Lisa Bearnson, www.creatingkeepsakes.com, Creating Keepsakes Magazine, featured on QVC regularly, a founder of Center for Entrepreneurship at BYU, a national spokes person for Kodak

Lavonne Crosby, Co-Founder and Shelly Gardner, Co-Founder and CEO of Stampin Up, www.stampinup.com 55 acre campus in Riverton, Utah, international home-based business company for rubber stamps

Kathy Headlee, Founder of Mothers Without Borders, www.motherswithoutborders.org, a highly influential non-profit organization dedicated to the orphaned children in Africa affected by the AIDS epidemic and other devastating circumstances. She has been a friend and “Fairy Godmother” to many other non-profit organizations including ours, www.oneheart-bg.org.

Chelsea Rippy, Founder of Shade www.shadeclothing.com, and partner, Char Garn, (married to Randy Garn, Utah Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 with Ethan Willis for Prosper Learning), sold at Costco, retail stores, home businesses nationwide, always setting the pace for this growing industry

Today’s Magic Wand:

Consider what women in business pioneers you admire and why. Comment below and tell us about it!


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  2. Thank you, Robert for visiting the site! I appreciate your kind words. I’m sure you know a lot of women entrepreneurs, please tell them about us and we’ll check out your business too…always looking for good ideas. Best to you.

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