Dream Journals

I guess it wouldn’t surprise you that I have over 50 journals. I started on my eighth birthday and never quit. I have tiny ones called my “gratitude journals (write down five things you are grateful for everyday), I have medium sized ones about my challenging teenage years, service journals (except one got left on a taxi in Bulgaria! so very sad), ones about motherhood, being married, my hopes and fears. But, I only have 1 GIANT JOURNAL. I bought it 2 months ago and it is by far my most favorite-est journal ever.

I love my 11×17 Giant black blank sketch book because it is so big you can write in fat colored pens, use colored pencils, magazine clippings, whatever fancy medium I prefer. Sometimes my son draws our field trip adventures in it and sometimes its my private oasis. Blogging is fun, entertaining even knowing that someone is actually (maybe if I’m lucky) going to read this, but the Giant Journal is the rainbow of secrets, dreams, and overcoming challenges.

Here is a blurb by the creator, Start Up Princess Janice Graham:

Find the child artist in you and enrich your life through a fun, outside-the-lines method of keeping a personal journal. Here is freedom and space to explore your inner self and process life experiences not only in writing but with colors, textures, and images. Journal keeping doesn’t have to be a chore or a source of guilt and pressure. Journals don’t have to be boring accounts of everyday activities. Giant Journaling is liberating and theraputic beyond words!

Giant Journaling is a highly motivational how-to booklet written in a literary and entertaining style by Janice Graham, an award-winning freelance writer and book author. It includes inspirational quotes from famous artists, real-life sample journal pages by the author and other giant journal keepers (on the cover and inside), and 50 starter ideas. Shrink-wrapped with the booklet is an 11″x14” Giant Journal™ containing 120 art-quality, acid-free blank pages. The Giant Journal is also available without the booklet.

$22.95. To order www.tidalwavebooks.com

Today’s Magic Wand:

Get out some colored pens or crayons and color your Start Up dreams in a journal, sketch pad, or scrap of paper.


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