Answers to Marianne’s Questions

My friend, Marianne (she was one of my bride’s maids!) asked me some questions tonight and I wanted to share them here. I thought maybe some other people might benefit also.

> What gave you the idea to do the blog?

Not really sure, but I was inspired a lot by Paul Allen and his brainstorm luncheon for entrepreneurs that I attended for , at the time I was learning about how powerful blogging can be. I also wanted a way to share with people who have been following my start up story to hear about my progress, and mostly because Liz Rosenbaum and I were sharing ideas for “how to do it all.” I wanted to hear the stories of other women entrepreneurs and I wanted an excuse to interview them and learn from their experiences. Also, seriously my best friends are all in start ups. We talk about this on the phone, so why not just blog about it? Then we can talk about other personal stuff on the phone!

The name was a gift, I was going to do Start Up Moms, but that was taken, then I was going to do Start Up Pioneers and just focus on Utah women, but then I didn’t want to limit it and then I thought of the Princess thing and it all came about so quickly with the whole concept of “magic wands” and “fairy godmothers” and then tying in to Sweet & Charming, it was perfect.

>When I saw that you had done it, I signed up for one myself.

Great! You have so many gifts to share!!

>I am trying to get it to make me write, but it is hard with kids. I need to wake up early but that is really hard too. I’m so tired!!
The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, eh? I had that problem too. I’m tired too. But now I have a reason to get up, people read my blog everyday and I love it and I love having time to pray and think and do meditation and reading, etc. you have to have a passion or you won’t get up!!
> How are you meeting these entrepeneurs?

Entrepreneurs are all around here in Utah County, I know a lot of people from BYU and from working in marketing here. It seems like I meet someone every day. I am out there with my kids, I talk to everyone interesting. I am connected through other entrepreneurs now, but Liz for example was swim lessons, Patty was just going to her shop, and Kim was from a portfolio on the internet. I will feature many many more that I am waiting for their profiles. There is an abundance of amazing women, like you!
>Is it true that what you focus in life is what you find in life?
I believe so, yes. Meditation is a big part of my morning and prayers. I visualize the business I am creating, my funding in my bank account, I write about it all the time in my Giant Journal, I draw it, I create it every way I can. Every step of my business has been a manifestation of asking and receiving. I know that I am not alone in this quest. I trust, I have hope. I am amazed at the gifts. There are gifts for everyone if they ask!


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