The Start Up Princess’s Answer to a Good Wardrobe

Every Start Up princess needs to look like a million bucks…but we all know that when you are boot strapping or just getting by, extra funds for your clothing allowance is hard to come by. At least it is for me.

I check with The Wandering Wardrobe before hitting the sales racks online or at the mall. Patty Hulce who owns the shop even keeps an eye out for me if I am looking for something specific (a new suit, for example) and she will call me! I’ve been shopping there for four years, I’ve even sold some clothing and home decor items there too.

Patty Hulce has been in business for 10 years and is a great example of a Start Up Princess. Read her page on this site for a full profile of how she started her business and has made it a success. Patty says that she is networked with other consignment shop owners nationally and they share tips and ideas to help one another. She’s been a fairy godmother to others for a while now and she’s offering to share tips with Start Up Princesses in customer service. Thanks!

Patty has a giving heart too, when I was sending a container of goods to Bulgaria for One Heart Bulgaria she generously donated thousands of pieces to the children and teenagers. Now orphan children in Bulgaria not only have clothes, they look hip too and fit in better at their public schools. Thanks, Patty for making a difference and sharing! 🙂

Today’s Magic Wand:

Find a good consignment shop near you. Become friends with the owner and see if she will write down your size and name brands that you prefer, when something comes in, tell her to call you. You’ll save money, look great, and you won’t stress if your 2 year old smears sticky fingers all over you.


  1. Nice website. I set your site as one of my favorites. I totally agree with the comments… I will be back soon.

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