Raw Heaven for Start Up Princesses

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal chef? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of being a personal chef! Start Up Princess “Raw Melissa” has such a career. www.rawmelissa.com

Last night my husband and I had the privilege of preparing, learning, and feasting with Raw Melissa and 14 other guests at our friend, Kit’s home in Provo. Not only was it absolutely delicious gourmet food, it was fun to hear about how she has made a career of her passion for raw food.

Melissa has three personal clients and also makes raw pies for the local raw restaurant, Ginger’s Cafe (inside Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop in Springville), The Herb Shop in Orem, and also at Real Foods Market in Orem.

She learned to be a chef from her mother and by experimenting with recipes. She has been cooking Raw for three years and launched her business six months ago.

If you live locally, Raw Melissa will prepare “feasts” at your home with you and your friends (min 8 guests) for $20 a person. You can help choose the menu. Visit her site for more info.

Here is one of the recipes we made last night, a quick delight for enjoying the fresh fruits of the season!

Cherry Apricot Fruit Soup (for two)
4 c Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

8 Cherries
3 Apricots

Pit and slice cherries, pit and slice apricots, add OJ. Chill. Serve with lemon garnish

By the way, I made a new friend there last night, Emily Frame who is the visual merchandiser for our local GAP. Emily has a lot of talent and passion for retail. If you need a visual merchandiser for your retail business, let me know and I will put you in touch with Emily! She is interested in freelance work.


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