Lessons at Seven Peaks

I tried to back out. I offered to “stay home with the baby” and ditch the party at Seven Peaks Water Park with extended family (love them all dearly, but the idea of staying home all day by myself sounded so blissful). I had visions of getting caught up on projects and work “to do’s”, but my husband didn’t go for it. He promised me that it would be fun and helped get things ready so I didn’t feel too overwhelmed. He got the ice chest out and got lunches ready, got the kids ready, so basically all I had to do was grab my own stuff. Before we left I sent off a few emails, made a few calls, and then grabbed my Business Plan to edit under the umbrella. I guess I was a bit distracted with my business duties because…

After we arrived and entered the park I realized that I had everything-sunglasses, towel, sunscreen, but NO SWIM SUIT! Not to worry my mother in law said, there’s a gift shop, don’t bother driving home. I already knew that they would have inflated prices, but what I didn’t expect was that they would have such a small selection. Only 2 suits in my size (6) that I would consider (not a string bikini kind of gal), and neither one had board shorts or a little skirt to go with it. Ugh. But that wasn’t so bad. What was bad was that the hang tag had “$33 crossed off and then it said $38 crossed off and then the price said $55!” How strange! I’ve never heard of “mark ups”, have you??? I drove home and got my suit.

I liked the drive by myself. It was a gift. I had a chance to think in silence and consider ideas for my business. Bella baby slept and had a nice nap and when I got home I was able to pick up not only my suit, but the computer UPS delivered and bring to a client for my husband. It turned out great.
Back at the park I started to notice other things about Seven Peaks. Good things, not so good things…

Not so Good:

No frozen yogurt or soft pretzels. I really wanted some.

Icky bathrooms. No place to nurse my baby.

The Gift Shop! Generally really boring, swim diapers, 12 suits for women, no children or men suits (that I saw), sun tan lotion, and candy. They need a visual merchandiser, and a good buyer who knows the local clientele (string bikinis in Utah County isn’t the best seller, I imagine). This shop is right at the entrance, it could be a great asset for revenue.


Excellent safety training and systems put into action for dealing with injured people (EMT had to come) and cleaning the water when dirty diapers fall off.

Fun employee party poster hanging on the wall from last night’s party (they rented out a movie theatre to see Pirates 2, had food, and prizes.)

Free Life Jackets for kids (hold with a driver’s license)

They know how to make extra money by charging everyone for a full day pass and close early (they did warn us) so they could rent out the entire park to MyFamily.com.

“Band-Aid” advertised “Don’t let dirty germs get into the pool” or something like that…cover them up…campaign at the front of the park, however, there were no band-aids sold inside that I saw. I bet they could do another poster inside that said, “free band-aids at First Aid” or something!

Very Good:

I got to hang out with baby Bella under the umbrella and revise my BP for an hour, play in the water with our family, hold my husband’s hand around the “lazy river” and wipe out some of my fears of heights with “Boomerang” and other fun slides.

I’m glad I went and yes, I would go again WITH MY SWIM SUIT.


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