Wednesdays are Field Trip Day

Tomorrow is field trip day-The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.(

We have about 14 moms in our group, but usually we get no more than 5 moms at any one event. We have a calendar and everyone gets a weekly email from me saying where and when we will meet. It has been great fun. We’ve done this for the past few years, mainly in the spring/summer. It is good for me because since I’m kinda in charge, I always try to go and my kids love the adventures (and I need the break!)

Here is a list of what we’ve done so far this summer:

Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon
Salem Pond, Salem
Red Butte Gardens, University of Utah
Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum (and Farm Country)
BYU Museum of Art Kids day

If you don’t live in Utah or if you don’t have kids…use part of the day tomorrow to take a break and do something you enjoy–check out a art museum, an antique shop, or go to lunch with a friend. You’ll feel recharged and enjoy the rest of the week!


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