My Home is My Castle, and My Office

I suppose that if we worked somewhere else everyday that I wouldn’t be so obsessive about trying to clean my house, but when you work at home, its got to be clean and organized or you go crazy. I am trying to stop being crazy.

To solve this crisis, I am trying to employ “systems” from the Fly Lady that are helping us to be more peaceful. I am trying to master the “keep the sink sparkling” principle (because then no one will put dishes in it). I also like her “zones” and concentrating on a different part of the house each week besides the regular basic cleaning. It’s nice that my six year old, Britain is somewhat motivated to help (he’s happy when I reward him with incentives), and Emma (2 1/2) can do some basic things like put all the toys in a basket (but then she usually dumps it out again). Little by little we are making improvements in this area.

But, I will admit that last Fall when I had morning sickness and the thought of cleaning made me ill, I hired a cleaning team ($30/hr) to come help us out 2x a month and I never let them go when I got better! They don’t do deep cleaning, but it helps me emotionally so I’m not on the brink of burn out or stress whether my bathrooms are clean. Guess what? They’re coming today! 🙂

Today’s Magic Wand:
Consider paying someone to help you clean…! Or upping your kids’ allowances.


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