Trading Tips

I just have to say that us mom entrepreneurs need all the help we can get…so I trade babysitting once a week. Today was my turn to tend kids and it was really fun. We did an art project, listened to Raffi (Baby Beluga is my fav), played legos, babies, and did puzzles. Now I’m tired and fortunately so are the kids…all asleep. Phew!

See if you can trade with another mom in your neighborhood once a week, it’ll cut down babysitting expenses and give you an excuse to play.

I also do meal trading with my friend, Natalie once a week. We both love the book, Original Fast Foods ( SUPER HEALTHY and yummy recipes. So every Tuesday at 5 pm we meet and I give her the meal for Tuesday night and she gives me a meal for Wednesday night to store in my fridge. This has been a great time saver and ensures that my family gets at least 2 meals a week that are healthy.


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