Font Fun

Fonts have incredible influence of how your message and style is represented. I have been amazed by how one word can portray an emotion or idea just by the “clothes” it is wearing… here are two wonderful sites (thanks goes to Beth Graham, a family photographer in my neighborhood).

The first is; if you’ve never been, it allows you the opportunity of “test driving” with their fonts, so you can see what your company name looks like in the particular font before purchasing. It also has “What the Font” section to have their computer search the name of a font you may have found in a publication, website, etc. You can also create and share albums of fonts, particularly cool for designers and clients.

The other site is; it is super for helping you narrow down a font selection as it asks you questions about what font styles you prefer, what type of shapes, etc. They don’t sell fonts, so to purchase it refers you to other sites.

Today’s Magic Wand:

Consider the fonts of logos and identities you like, then visit to find the font in the “What the Font” section; put it in your own custom album and save for later!


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