Support Your Local Entrepreneur

My son Britain just ran in the house to grab his stash of pennies because a neighbor is having a yard sale. Yesterday it was a kid selling popsicles from his ice chest on wheels (a born entrepreneur). Even if I don’t really want or need the goods, I love to support these events in our neighborhood.

It dawned on me that my first experience in business was selling canned peanuts so I could earn my way to YMCA camp. Thanks to everyone who didn’t really want or need my goods, but believed in me as a person and wanted to help me out.

Here I am again, asking people to “buy” my goods…only this time its a concept for a business, Sweet & Charming. My video pitch for is almost done, my BP is being revised for the 11th time, and I’m getting all set to hit it hard with investors. I have a date to launch Oct. 1st, now I need the funds, $100k. If you haven’t heard my pitch, I’d love to share it with you. Believe in me.

Kelly King Anderson


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