Liz Rosenbaum

I got to know Liz at swim lessons a few weeks ago! We’ve emailed almost daily ever since. I just adore her. She’s beautiful, smart, kind, and a saavy young entrepreneur. She’s methodical and careful in her decision making and I appreciate her example as a woman/mom entrepreneur who is concerned about balancing life as well as her company, Keeping Memories Alive, a 25 year old scrapbooking company she and her husband own (her parents started it). By the way, she owns a great URL, huh?

Enjoy getting to know her! Please read Liz’s page (look to the right)


  1. Okay, I feel my cheeks blushing right now. 🙂 I really don’t deserve all of those kind words that Kelly posted here. In fact, all of those things she said about me really describe her! I truly feel like we were ‘meant’ to be friends and I hope that anyone who ever meets her, gets the chance to know her as well.
    Thanks Kelly!

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